Our panel builds have been engineered for maximum efficiency and effectiveness for the home office environment. As standard, our builds provide the same levels of insulation, security, and convenience that you would come to expect from a domestic new build.  


Available sizes:

Depth - 3m

Width - 3.6m / 4.8m / 6m 

Height - 2.5m (3m if 2m from any boundary) 

  1. 200mm fully insulated roof - U-Value 0.16

  2. 169mm insulated walls and floor - U-Value 0.16

  3. EPDM rubber roof - 25+ year life expectancy

  4. Ground screw foundations - Cutting edge ground supports to suit any terrain.

  5. UPVC french doors and side lights  - For superior security, light, and heat retention. 

  6. Electrics and Wifi - Panels come with multiple sockets, and a wifi booster built in.

  7. LED downlights - Within office space and inside overhang. 

  8. EPDM rubber covering - To sides and rear of cabin for enhanced water resistance.

  9. Fibre cement cladding to front facing walls. 

Cutting edge ground screws are wound into augured holes in the over-site and levelled with laser precision

Structural insulation panels are engineered off site to form the office 

Wrap the structure in breathable membrane,  & fix batons for cladding. Lay single sheet of EPDM rubber roof and complete with white fascia boards

Fit the cabin doors and finish externally with durable cladding. 

Fix plasterboard to the internal faces. Tape and fill joints. Fix sockets and leave ready for you to paint and fit your choice of floor. Job done.


Plenty of room to combine a wide office space and a breakout zone for the rest of the family. 


Realise your dreams of a home gym to meet your fitness needs.  


There's no reason to work alone when you can have enough space for your whole team to hot desk alongside. 


With other cabin suppliers there is always something missing and the additional costs start to really add up when your realise how much is missing. That's why we have designed one complete package that can get you working by the weekend. So what is missing from our build? Just three things:

1. Paint on the walls

2. A laminate or vinyl floor covering. 

3. Connecting your new cabin to your existing power supply. 

(but don't worry, we will talk through all the options and get you organised with an electrician and decorator if required).