How to Budget for your Build

Often the hardest thing to get right for builder and home-owner alike is estimating how much the build is actually going to cost.

In reality this is because its simply impossible.

Too many things are subject to change, and no-one can specify every eventuality.

But now you know that you cant get it right, what can you do?


Make plans, and throw them away

All extra costs hurt because you don't see them coming. So if you really want to get get a firm budget you need to go looking for them.

Your perfect home won't


1. Where to I want lights, sockets and switches

2. Where exactly are my sinks and toilets going to be cited, will I need to modify existing drains to reach the new wastes?


Save by saving where you can

Some costs are out of your control, so you should try not to focus on those areas. The costs of plastering and roofing can seem

Most people won't be able to plaster the kitchen on their


Expect the Unexpected

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